Friday, October 14, 2011

Bright naked

Naked light bulbs always contribute this sort of vintagey feel to a room. I like the contrast between the light, delicate bulb and the industrial fixtures they hang from. 

Here are some of my favorite uses of naked light bulbs found on pinterest...

 I'm off to do P90X yoga DVD and watch Giada cook amazingess simultaneously.
 Everything in Balance. 

Plus Tony Horton's voice makes me wanna hurl myself out the window.

It's good, no? xoxo

(All images via Pinterest)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Remember when I attempted to turn my blank hall into a beeeautiful gallery wall?

Pathetic Attempt

It was not so good. I thought about getting a ruler and carefully positioning the frames, but I frankly did not like any of the frames and I felt like the hallways was too long and sparse to sustain a random mosaic of frames.

Fast forward a couple of months, I waited in line for and hour and a half one saturday morning to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET museum "Savage Beauty". 
It was incredible, beautiful and haunting.

 You can visit the Met Blog and watch the video tour, it is just as amazing as being there and minus the huge crowd. 

After I forced myself to not walk through the exhibit a third time, I purchased a poster from the gift shop: 


 Awe inspiring. McQueen was amazingly creative. He was inspired by historic eras and traditions as well as politics and used his platform to make bold statements. He was also an amazing tailor; his clothes were perfectly constructed. 

I wanted to have a piece of the exhibit I could have in my home and that would always inspire me.

At a local frame shop and fell in love with this:

But a sterling silver frame was a BIT out of my budget.

I settled.

It looks fine, but it does not have that je-ne-sais-quoi. I told the framing consultant I would be back some day for that gorgeous, sterling silver frame. He said he would wait for me...Romantic. 

A friend of mine also ran into this problem recently, wanting some expensive throw pillows for her apartment. The WANT builds up to NEED until we talk ourselves down and settle for something a bit more reasonable and in our price range. It can be frustrating when you know the difference that detail could make. 

Have you ever had to settle on something design related or other because you just absolutely cannot justify the price tag?

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's HUMID. That's why.

I am not a "summer person".

 I dislike the heat and sweating and *glistening* and humidity and all that is associated with this. I do like the spring warmth and the fall chill and I like being cozy inside when its freezing and snowing outside. 

Hair issues are big for me in the summer because my hair does not naturally dry straight or curly, but instead a weird semi-curly, wavy, straight on the top, frizz. It's AWESOME. 

I am also trying to grow some pesky side bangs out. FUN.

My friend told me she was going out to dinner and was worried about her hair frizzing due to the humidity.   So, I put together a tutorial for her on how to do my easy-peasy summer hair style.

Step 1: Take a section of hair at part line and start braid

Step 2: Add one section of hair from hair line to braid after one round of braiding

Step 3: Continue braiding and pin with a bobby pin above ear or just past it.

Ya done!

 I slept on my hair wet and I looked like I had brushed out a terrible perm, so I opted to throw it in a bun. That's basically the best part though, it looks good up or down, so versiiitile. 

Happy Weekend! Tell me what you do to deal with heat!

It's good no? xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running with jewels.

This is going to be a bit all over the place.

I ran my FIRST race (a couple of wknds ago), a 5K, in NYC for Hope for the Warriors, a non-profit that supports families of soldiers injured or fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was awesome, I loved every minute of  racing and I totally surprised myself by finishing in 26:05 minutes!! Up until the race I had been running 10 minute miles, but during the race I ran an average of 8.60 minutes per mile. Joy.

I think I am totally addicted, I cant wait to do another and have been thinking more seriously about doing a Marathon once I build up to that kind of distance. I definitely have my ups and downs with running, some days I feel super accomplished and others my legs are just draaaagging. 

Now for the pretty:




Elva Fields makes these stunning necklaces along with a collection of earrings. She also does bridal work and her images of brides with these pretty pretty necklaces on are so gorgeous. I love a good statement necklace.

Its good, no? xx

P.S. Dont forget to watch Million Dollar Decorators tonight on Bravo. I adore Mary Mcdonald:

I mean look at this room...


Absurd(ly awesome).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obsessed: Emerson Made

Sporadic blogging at its finest. I promise this will make up for it.

 I was perusing my usual blogs that I check every morning when Coco + Kelley reminded me of this seriously FANTASTIC company called Emerson Made . (Thank you a million times, C+K.)

Check. It. Out. 

LBD Perfection. my #1 pick.

Little Swimmers. 

Great styling.

Red. French Cuff. Skinny Pant. I need.

I am a Leo..*hint hint*
The only time I have ever liked red and black together.

 Everything is so modern with a vintage twist, but streamlined and simple. 
Plus the quality looks impeccable. 

 I adore and if i had lots and lots of dollars I would own it all. 

(Plus how amazing is Emerson's hair color??)

It's Good, no? (yes very good)

Oh P.S. Coco + Kelley, hope you do not mind that I was inspired by your post, just wanted to share the goodness!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wknd Recap OR Reasons to Visit Me

Mark rowing us around the turtle pond in CP
Pointy views 
Romantic Bridges

Creepy Fountains

Pensive comedians

People who dislike the statue of liberty

Boat tours w/ views of nicer boats
Tall buildings
Green parks
My pale skin
Forced smiles in 90 degree heat
Lunching at Rockefeller Center (more appealing than ice skating)

it's good, no? xx